Untamed Isles x CyberKongz

Kongz are entering the Untamed Isles

8 min readNov 11, 2021


We are excited to announce our partnership with Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang that adds to the growing list of value for CyberKongz holders.

Untamed Isles is a highly anticipated upcoming monster taming MMORPG that is reimagining how gaming and NFT’s integrate by taking an innovative hybrid approach called “game first, crypto second”. Guppy Gang is their studios genesis token, which will provide benefits not only on the Untamed Isles, but also across their future titles. The partnership provides CyberKongz with an advisory role for Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang drawing on the experience and wisdom of the Council of Kongz.

Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang are on a mission to make gaming and NFTs more accessible and fun to play for everyone, just like CyberKongz. Both brands are all about providing a new level of immersion for their users and leading the way for everyone else to follow.

To celebrate the partnership there will be a future airdrop to those who hold both a Guppy Gang NFT and a CyberKong in their wallet.

The CyberKongz and Untamed Isles teams will work together to make Kongz Island a wonder within the game that everyone dreams about experiencing.

The above collaboration is only the tip of the iceberg and will be executed in many ways on a studio level with the team behind Untamed Isles. Expect to see further collaboration with their studio level Genesis NFT collection called Guppy Gang and also their future gaming titles.

Untamed Isles

Untamed Isles is positioning itself as a bridge for the mainstream gaming community to enter the play 2 earn genre. They are setting a high bar for future titles by cutting no corners. One of the most famous Pokemon players of all time, Wolfe Glick, designed and manages their combat system. New York Times best selling author, Aaron Hodges, wrote the brand’s storyline and published a book, the first in a series: “Untamed Isles: The Path Awakens”. Untamed Isles CEO Joshua Grant is an experienced leader that has a proven track record of being able to grow global companies like Channel Fireball and Binder POS into highly successful enterprises.

Unlike most play 2 earn games, Untamed Isles unique approach removes the friction for non-crypto gamers requiring no wallet to begin playing the game. They have intentionally not sold in-game items before the launch of the game, with the aim of making it a fair start for everyone upon launch. If someone wants creatures, items, or housing they have to play the game to earn it or buy them from the early adopters, allowing for a healthy and equitable player economy. Through their ambitious approach, they are targeting the mainstream gaming market in a way that no one has yet attempted in the space.

Play 2 Earn

Untamed Isles uses gems as a means of payment for a variety of actions within the game. Gems must be earned or purchased from other players. The gems will not be directly tradable like an ERC-20 token, but will have to be placed inside of a bag that players will have to find inside of the game if they want to sell their gems on the marketplace.

The requirement of bagging them will limit the amount which can be dumped on the market at any given time which is a common problem for many play 2 earn titles. The bags can only be used once, meaning that if you bag gems and sell them on the marketplace the bag is burned in the process. This requires new bags to constantly be found within the game itself. By controlling the circulating supply of bags, the Untamed Isles team has developed a powerful mechanic to maintain and control a healthy play 2 earn economy.

The game itself has monsters, known as ‘Tames’, which can be found within the game and tamed (captured). The Tames can then battle, breed and be sold on the marketplace just like other play 2 earn games. There is a diverse array of items and consumables which will need to be collected by playing the game, such as through professions, within the game to supply other players with items they need. It will be very hard for any single player to effectively do everything by themselves within the game while remaining competitive which will promote a lot of buying and selling on the marketplace, further driving a living player economy.

Housing is a core component of the Untamed Isles, as they’re needed to breed Tames and store items (and host friends!). All players receive a houseboat by default, which is the smallest unit of housing. The size of the housing will determine how many Tames can be bred at any one time, and how much resources can be stored by the player. Larger housing units will be in short supply within the game, and thus offer a great opportunity for trading or renting out to other players in return for some of their resources.

Every month a portal will open to Guppy Paradise Island where players will compete in the Guppy Fair mini games. The games will cost tickets to play with all sorts of rare NFT prizes, such as in-game cosmetics. These items won in the fair can be sold on the marketplace, and will also allow players to win items for other unrelated game titles.

Guppy Gang

The Guppy is the beloved mascot of the Phat Loot team, as it was the first monster created in the production of the game, and it quickly became the community favorite. Anyone who owns both a Guppy Gang NFT and a CyberKong in their wallet will receive a crossover airdrop in the future as a way to reward the holders of both NFTs.


As a genesis token, Guppy Gang holders will receive a range of benefits and rewards across future Phat Loot titles. This includes early sale access to future games, discounts on future item sales, airdrops and much more. These will be the only Genesis NFT’s produced by Phat Loot Studios.


Guppy Gangs will give the owner additional in-game fair tickets based on the ticket levels assigned to them.Those tickets will be tradeable on the marketplace or provide the owner with extra chances to win prizes at the Guppy Fair.

Morph tokens

Morph tokens will be dropped to holders of the Guppy Gang allowing them to breed, redeem for other collaborations, or trade on the open market.


To celebrate the collaboration with CyberKongz a promotional NFT will be created for those who own 10 Guppy NFT’s and 1 CyberKongz NFT in the same wallet. CyberGuppyz will be a pixel version of the Guppy that will carry its own unique benefits in the future.

CyberKongz Integration

CyberKongz will be incorporated into Untamed Isles in many ways, including our own custom designed, exclusive Kongz themed island that will be the centerpiece of the collaboration. No other brands are currently allowed to have their own island within Untamed Isles making it a highly exclusive deal for the CyberKongz brand. This will place CyberKongz front and center for new gamers entering the play to earn space, further spreading our presence and renown.

The island will not look like anything else found within the world of Untamed Isles and it will be a magnificent place that many will want to explore for its unique features, landmarks, and housing. Kongz Island will be a truly magnificent spectacle full of its own landmarks not found anywhere else.

Elsewhere in the game there will be a range of integrations that extend the CyberKongz brand beyond the custom island, making the CyberKongz community easily identifiable within the game.

Examples of exclusive custom integrations include:

  • CyberKongz skins
  • CyberKongz mounts
  • CyberKongz guild-halls
  • CyberKongz styled housings
  • CyberKongz Discord roles

Imagine the level of teamwork and immersion that will be possible for CyberKongz holders through the proximity voice feature within the game. Easily being able to identify our fellow Kongz outside of our Island, run up to them and start talking as you explore the Isles together.

Exclusive annual custom branded tournaments will allow CyberKongz holders to compete against each other for bespoke prizes. Bragging rights as the top CyberKongz Tamer can go to only one ape, who will it be?

Banana Integration

$BANANA will be integrated into the Untamed Isles in a variety of ways and their integration will evolve with the game over time in new and creative ways. Some examples are listed below:

  • $BANANA will be natively integrated into the game. This will allow for $BANANA to be used to purchase cosmetic NFTs exclusive to CyberKongz holders.
  • $BANANA HODL drops: We will drop custom items and cosmetics to wallets that are holding certain quantities of $BANANA. The more $BANANA a wallet holds, a more rare level of an item will be dropped to the holder.
  • A $BANANA shop in the game launcher (client) for purchasing items.
  • Tournament entries can be purchased with $BANANA.


In summary, the Untamed Isles is being produced by a team of highly experienced and successful gaming industry veterans who are shaping up to change the way gaming and crypto work together. With the support and guidance of CyberKongz, this will be the next massive crypto game.




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