The next leap in CyberKongz evolution

3 min readApr 5, 2021


Get ready for the next leap in CyberKongz evolution!

Through countless experiments in the field of evolutionary science and the hard work of incredibly smart cyberbrains, Kongz are now able to yield $BANANA token, get their name and bio changed, aswell as breed! If you are a proud owner of one or more original CyberKongz, you can soon migrate to our new contract and enjoy all the benefits of evolved Genesis CyberKongz!

Why should you migrate your CyberKongz?

Migrated CyberKongz have the distinct ability to each yield 10 $BANANA per day! This token can be claimed and used to change your Kongz name and bio, and initiate the breeding protocol to produce Incubators.

After migration, all CyberKongz and their metadata will be stored on-chain forever.

How does it work?

Holders will be able to migrate their CyberKongz through our soon to be released website by connecting their MetaMask wallet. To kickstart the next phase, we will airdrop 300 $BANANA per Kong, that can be claimed right after the migration! This is enough $BANANA to start a feeding frenzy:

CyberKongz love to eat $BANANA

A name change will cost 300 $BANANA. Names will be unique to each Kong and with enough $BANANA, can be changed as often as the owner prefers. The cost for naming will be doubled to 600 $BANANA once all Baby CyberKongz have been minted.

Adding a bio will cost 100 $BANANA. Tell others what your Kong is up to by adding a fun and creative backstory. This can also be changed as often as the owner prefers.

Breeding will require a minimum of two Genesis CyberKongz (#1–1000) and will cost 600 $BANANA. By initiating the breeding protocol, the owner will receive an Incubator! An Incubator can be traded or opened at will to reveal 1 of 4000 algorithmically and randomly generated Baby CyberKongz! Traits of the Genesis CyberKongz are not inherited, which levels the playing field and will give every owner the same chance of receiving rarer babies.

Incubators reveal 1 out of 4000 random Baby CyberKongz

What are Baby CyberKongz?

Baby CyberKongz are cute versions of the Genesis Kongz you already know, but with 40+ new amazing traits mixed in. Babies neither have the ability to yield $BANANA, nor the ability to breed, but they love eating $BANANA to get their name and bio changed! Trait rarity for Baby Kongz is modelled after genesis rarity, but subject to random distribution and can only be fully calculated once all 4000 Baby CyberKongz have been minted.

Following this path allows us to essentially increase the total supply without devaluing our initial supply of 1000, and in the process, lets us grow the community and share the mystery about which babies are being born next.

We are incredibly excited for what’s about to come and we cannot wait to welcome new Kongerz to our family!

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