Play & Kollect is coming!

Phase 1 is starting now!

4 min readFeb 27, 2022

The crazy cyberbrain scientists have been working tirelessly in the lab on the upcoming Play & Kollect experience and just like all of you, can’t wait to explore the jungle together in search of all the treasures!

This new addition to the CyberKongz ecosystem consists of many different pieces that need to be stacked in just the right way to ensure a smooth launch.

Embark on the journey into the unknown…

We will be staging the launch of Play & Kollect in two phases:

Phase 1 will start on March 1st 00:00 UTC with the token swap from $BANANA V1 to $BANANA V2.

In 48 hours, the current $BANANA V1 yield contract will be detached from the Genesis CyberKongz and the new Yield Hub will be attached.

Please claim all pending $BANANA from Genesis CyberKongz and any other smart contract within the 48-hour window. The closer towards the end of the claiming window, the better. We will remind you a few more times in our Discord server.

The token swap will begin shortly after the discontinuation of $BANANA V1 and will be a simple interaction via our website.

Swap Banana to V2 on our website under the Tab MY KONGZ

On our website under the tab My Kongz, you will see the option to swap $BANANA V1 to $BANANA V2.

The swap requires an approval transaction, followed by a transaction that will do the actual swap from $BANANA V1 to V2.
We must conduct the swap in this manner to eliminate any attack vectors.


Phase 2 will be the actual launch of Play & Kollect on the first anniversary of CyberKongz, March 3rd!
To start adventures, you will need to bridge the CyberKongz VX from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon via our Bridge. The process of bridging from ETH to MATIC is pretty straightforward. For a more detailed how-to on bridging, check back with our updated Gitbook.

You can bridge multiple VX at the same time to save on time and gas fees.
$BANANA V2 and Shardz need to be bridged separately.

Once all assets are safely bridged to Polygon, you can start playing!
More how-tos and detailed information can be found on our Gitbook.

Please note: Shardz can only be bridged from Ethereum to Polygon and not back. Charmz are discovered on Polygon and can not be bridged back to Ethereum Mainnet.

Update Log:
We are grateful to the community for all the feedback given since the announcement of Play & Kollect. Accordingly, we have implemented some changes to Charmz and how they work.

First of all, Lucky Charms will be renamed to Charmz, according to the result of the community vote on Februray 13th.

The next change affects the mechanic on how they work. Charmz no longer break after a period of five days, regardless of the number of completed adventure runs. Instead, Charmz now have health points that are reduced with each adventure run. Once the health points drop to zero, the Charmz will break.

One Charm can be used for 20 to 50 runs, with Fuel Rod runs costing more health points than $BANANA runs. A Charm lasts for 20 Fuel Rod runs or 50 $BANANA runs and anything in between, depending on how the runs were done.

Lastly, a change in the actual effectiveness: The chance of getting twice the loot of Kongium or EXP in an adventure run has been doubled for all Charmz tiers.

Season duration: Duration of one season extended from ten days to ten days and 8 hours to allow the use of Fuel Rods on day 10 and to rotate the end of the season through different time zones around the world.

We are excited for the future and will keep you all up to date for the next steps when the time has come!





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