Partnership with The Metakey

We are incredibly proud to announce The Metakey as our partner for the upcoming era of CyberKongz VX. The Metakey is a utility-focused project granting holders unique benefits throughout the Metaverse, and ultimately driving interoperability with the idea that a single Metakey provides you with everything you need for a lifetime in the Metaverse.

Exactly like The Metakey, CyberKongz is on a mission to further the evolution of the metaverse and is extremely excited to join The Metakey in their goals of making the metaverse more accessible and fun to play for everyone. This partnership will be executed in a variety of ways and is aiming for long-term benefits for all parties involved.

Furthermore, there are also reports of a small group of particularly athletic and handsome CyberKongz within the onrushing horde of VX Kongz.



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