New Partnership: Kongz Cross into the Solarbots Metaverse

Prepare to sling your $BANANAS into a new metaverse: CyberKongz are set to invade a new world!

2 min readDec 14, 2021

We’d like to both kongratulate Solarbots for generating such a buzz in this server and welkong this groundbreaking metaverse as the newest partner of the CyberKongz family.

This is a project some of you have been asking about and it was hard to keep a lid on the news for this long. As you look into Solarbots server, it’s hard to ignore the fact that so many of us Kongz are also there.

After all, Kongz always follow Kongz because Kongz always know best.

Why are we partnering with Solarbots?

To put it simply, we share a vision of a metaverse where great communities of awesome people come together to “build cool things and meet cool people.”

Solarbots are building an interactive Play-and-Earn metaverse within a complex world grounded in an engaging story with vivid lore and backed by a fundamentally sound economy with many compelling opportunities.

We see eye-to-eye with their team’s vision and we find that our projects are a match made for the metaverse.

Here’s what our partnership will entail:

  • Custom CyberKongz Solarbots combat units;
  • Usage of CyberKongz Avatar in-game which will be rendered through a full pixel art Pilot player character in the Solarbots metaverse;
  • $BANANA burn mechanism purposely built into the Solarbots economy through upgrading and crafting of CyberKongz Solarbots combat units;
  • Exclusive full lore integration of a CyberKongz faction within the plane of Eld which will include backstory, faction leaders, history, modes of commerce, and ethics;
  • Corrupted Kongz PvE enemy units (image below)
  • and much more in the future…!

Their white list mint is scheduled for Dec 20–21 with the public mint happening on the 22nd.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Solarbots metaverse and where CyberKongz might fit in, check out their links below:








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