Kongz Tank

CyberKongz VX — Polygon Edition

For you as a builder, this means to integrate the following key elements into your ideas:

  • Create a game or interactive experience
  • The use of CyberKongz VX (required, but it can be Babies or Genesis with state sync on Poly)
  • Deploy on the Polygon Network (required, but can be partly off-chain with interactions on Poly)
  • Use $BANANA or Kongium (using one is required)
  • Use Charmz (optional)
  • Use our existing LVL system of the CyberKongz VX (required)
  • You can apply fees as a developer (up to 5–10%, this will be discussed individually per project), part of them should go into the Play & Kollect seasonal prize pool (at a rate of 2–5%) or fully burnt if it’s Kongium.
  • Staking prohibited, if a type of staking is needed, only use our new Lock Registry technology (Github)

Include the following information in your proposal:

  • Detailed rundown on your project/idea
  • Description of how the above key elements are integrated
  • Your skills and experience and a little bit about you and or your team
  • Contact details (email, discord, twitter, etc.)

Selected projects will receive the following grants:

  • Grants: Major (50 ETH + 10000 BANANA ) or minor (20 ETH + 2000 Banana) grant depending on the project, released linearly upon achieving milestones. Total amount of grants 3 Major and 5 Minor.
  • Marketing: Marketing support within the CyberKongz reach and abilities
  • Development Advising: Learn from our experienced developers and artists. Support with providing 3d models for your experience, adding in allowlist for lock registry and registering your contract as a spender for Kongium.
  • Inclusion: Potential integration into our Play & Kollect and CyberKongz universe




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Welcome to an alternate reality, where evolution took a different route and weird apes roam the earth!