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CyberKongz VX — Polygon Edition

3 min readApr 13, 2022

After we had great insights from our previous iteration of Kongz Tank, we are once again looking for the brightest minds with the best ideas to develop new and exciting projects that evolve around CyberKongz VX and $BANANA on the Polygon network.

But this time, we’re raising the stakes.

We want you to come up with projects and ideas for games and interactive experiences that build on our existing CyberKongz: Play and Kollect technologies and experience.

This can be anything ranging from small mini-games using our VX models to fully fleshed out experiences that tie into our ecosystem and demonstrate the power of our unique range of avatars and advanced web3 technologies.

The possibilities are endless.

For you as a builder, this means to integrate the following key elements into your ideas:

  • Create a game or interactive experience
  • The use of CyberKongz VX (required, but it can be Babies or Genesis with state sync on Poly)
  • Deploy on the Polygon Network (required, but can be partly off-chain with interactions on Poly)
  • Use $BANANA or Kongium (using one is required)
  • Use Charmz (optional)
  • Use our existing LVL system of the CyberKongz VX (required)
  • You can apply fees as a developer (up to 5–10%, this will be discussed individually per project), part of them should go into the Play & Kollect seasonal prize pool (at a rate of 2–5%) or fully burnt if it’s Kongium.
  • Staking prohibited, if a type of staking is needed, only use our new Lock Registry technology (Github)

Include the following information in your proposal:

  • Detailed rundown on your project/idea
  • Description of how the above key elements are integrated
  • Your skills and experience and a little bit about you and or your team
  • Contact details (email, discord, twitter, etc.)

Selected projects will receive the following grants:

  • Grants: Major (50 ETH + 10000 BANANA ) or minor (20 ETH + 2000 Banana) grant depending on the project, released linearly upon achieving milestones. Total amount of grants 3 Major and 5 Minor.
  • Marketing: Marketing support within the CyberKongz reach and abilities
  • Development Advising: Learn from our experienced developers and artists. Support with providing 3d models for your experience, adding in allowlist for lock registry and registering your contract as a spender for Kongium.
  • Inclusion: Potential integration into our Play & Kollect and CyberKongz universe

Entries are open to anyone until the grants run out!

Please send all proposal ideas to: kongztank@cyberkongz.com

We will update the community as grants are assigned and projects are chosen!

So grab your friends and get your Cyberbrainz running!

We are excited to see what you guys can come up with!


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