CyberKongz VX

2 min readJun 28, 2021

Level One

On March 3rd 2021, 1000 unique and randomly generated CyberKongz emerged out of the turbulent NFT jungle. Since that day, CyberKongz have been continuously evolving and thus forming a strong core community. However, our biggest technological leap is still to come...

CyberKong# 241, CyberKong #501 and CyberKong #810

Just being pure 2D Avatar collectibles was never enough for the highly evolved Kongz. Over time, the shared idea to further develop CyberKongz as a community-based project began to grow.

Therefore, each Genesis CyberKong #1 — #1000 was given the ability to passively generate 10 $BANANA per day, an ERC-20 token that can be used in the CyberKongz ecosystem for various activities such as breeding babies, naming, or simply be used as payment on OpenSea, with more utility to come.

Currently, about 1000 out of 4000 Baby CyberKongz have been born, while it is estimated that all 4000 babies will be born within a year.

CyberKongz Quickstart Guide

With the upcoming CyberKongz VX “Level One”, each 2D CyberKong lets owners mint a playable voxel-based CyberKongz VX to make the right impression in the Metaverse. CyberKongz VX minted by a Genesis CyberKong will have the exact same traits as their 2D counterparts, making them the only ones to have a matching 3D VX avatar with the accompanying 2D profile picture.

The remaining 1,400 CyberKongz VX will be randomly generated with different traits, both known from the CyberKongz universe, and hundreds that are completely new.

10,000 CyberKongz VX will be available on the free market, mintable by anyone at a fixed price. No bonding curve whatsoever. However, owning a 2D CyberKong will bring more additional advantages in the upcoming development levels.

See you in the Metaverse…




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