CyberKongz VX Art Contest

3 min readAug 22, 2021

Show off your Kongz!

We have already seen a bunch of awesome CyberKongz VX artwork, created with the downloadable .gltf file of each Kong and guess what…


That’s why we are launching the first ever CyberKongz VX Art Contest!

We want to see the most creative and most impressive renders of your personal CyberKongz VX! Show us where your Kong lives, why it wears the hat it is wearing, is the Kong good or evil? Does the Kong have a job or is it a full time degen? Whatever you can think of, as long as it is entertaining!

There will be a bunch of sweet prizes for you to win!

We will reward the winners with a total of five CyberKongz VX and the grand prize is a total of 5 ETH! We also added a pool of 3000 BANANA to be given out to all participants!

So how can you take part?

Just download the .gltf file of your favorite CyberKong VX from our website by browsing to it’s individual page and clicking on “Download Assets”.

Download the .gltf file

This file contains the Kong with it’s idle animation, T-Pose and a straight standing pose, plus all textures. It can easily be imported into different 3D rendering software to create stunning scenes and animations.

A powerful and free to use software is Blender ( Although it requires hours and hours to master, with a bit of work and the help of some YouTube videos, the end result can be a definitive winner.

For an easy rendering experience we can only recommend Light Tracer Render ( Here you can import multiple .gltf files and tinker around with all sorts of lighting and camera settings . Light Tracer Render offers a free 14 days trial period and an always free to use Web App with more than enough functionality to get that perfect VX image or video. Maybe you will create your new PFP with it? Who knows.

We won’t list every 3D software that supports .gltf, just rest assured that almost all do.

As soon as you are done with your sick work, post it on twitter with the hashtag #kongzart, tag @cyberkongz and head over to our Discord server and post a link to the tweet in the channel #📸vx-showcase together with your eth address!


We will be hosting a party in our Discord on Sunday, August 29th 18:00 UTC where everybody can vote on their favorite artwork to see who will come out on top!

To get your juices flowing, here are some dope renders that have been posted by our amazing community members!





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