CyberKongz VX

Minting and Claiming Guide

With the upcoming launch of CyberKongz VX we thought we’d put some work in to ensure everyone is prepared for the launch date. We’ve put together a guide with some screenshots below to walk everyone through the site and how the mint will take place.

We’ve also included details on how to claim your free CyberKongz VX if you currently hold a Genesis CyberKong or Baby CyberKong.

For the Public Mint of CyberKongz VX (No current CyberKongz NFT Required) you need to visit

Here you will be asked to connect your web3 wallet (Metamask etc). Next you’ll be asked to confirm the quantity you’d like to mint (we’ve set a maximum of 3 per transaction) then simply hit the Mint button and complete the transaction in your web3 wallet (gas fees will vary and we do expect a spike). Please plan ahead for the event of gas wars

CyberKongz VX Mint Page

In order to be able to claim a free CyberKongz VX (Gas fees still apply) you need to hold at least one Genesis CyberKong or one Baby CyberKong at the time of claiming. To do the claiming visit

Here you will be able to enter the ID number of your Genesis or Baby CyberKongz and it will check to see if the free VX has been redeemed. If the free VX hasn’t been redeemed you can go ahead with the claiming process at the bottom of the page.

ID Check and Claim

In order to claim, select a Genesis or Baby CyberKong within this page and then click the claim button. Genesis holders will receive a 1/1 replica of their CyberKongz, whilst baby holders will receive a random CyberKong VX.

You’ll be asked to complete the transaction within your web3 wallet and when the transaction is complete you will receive your CyberKong VX. Remember these are instant-reveal, but viewing within third party sites such as Opensea may have a delay in refreshing their meta data.

Select you CyberKong to claim

We cannot wait to show you what we have been working on and are super excited to embrace new-kongers with open arms!


Welcome to an alternate reality, where evolution took a different route and weird apes roam the earth!

Welcome to an alternate reality, where evolution took a different route and weird apes roam the earth!