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With “Play & Kollect” we are proud to bring you Jungle Adventure, a fully on-chain game on the Polygon network with almost no gas fees, 99.95% less in electricity consumption than a Proof-of-Work counterpart and almost no CO2 emissions. “Play & Kollect” starts the bridge between all existing and future assets of the CyberKongz universe and will introduce a completely new eco and distribution system as a foundation for our future.

The main objective of the game is to send CyberKongz VX in crews of one to five on jungle adventure runs to gather Kongium Ore and redeem them for prizes like the seasonal $BANANA prize pool and exclusive NFTs.

Play & Kollect runs in seasons. One season lasts 10 days and always awaits adventurers with new prizes.


Adventure runs can be started in two different ways:

  • Each CyberKong VX that is locked into a crew will receive one Fuel Rod per day, in order to start one adventure run. Fuel Rods are considered a free energy resource.
  • Every additional adventure run a day costs 0.4 $BANANA per CyberKong VX in the crew of which 50% goes into the $BANANA prize pool, 40% is burned and 10% will go into the treasury to sponsor community activities and seasonal specials.

Thanks to our innovative Lock Registry, CyberKongz VX do not have to be traditionally staked and sent out of your wallet to be assigned to a crew for the Jungle Adventure and accrue Fuel Rods. On top of all previous staking benefits, locking offers:

  • Keeping ownership of your assets, making it more secure
  • Locking simultaneously in various utilizations (engage in many onchain games/protocols at once)
  • Enabling simple integration with other Metaverses, games and protocols by retaining ownership
  • Giving the ability to check and whitelist 3rd-party contracts and to delete corrupted locker contracts from the whitelist which immediately unlocks all locked assets, enabling a second level of security
Fuel Rod

Alongside with Kongium, other new tokens called Lucky Charms will be introduced. Lucky Charms are ERC-1155 NFTs that can be added to a crew of CyberKongz VX to increase their possible loot for five consecutive days. Baby CyberKongz yield non-transferable shards that can be redeemed for random Lucky Charms. One Baby CyberKong yields enough shards for one Lucky Charm every 10 days.

Lucky Charms reward those Baby CyberKongz holders who wish to be a part of the CyberKongz universe for the long term and give Babies the recognition they deserve.

Cyber Fragment — Rainbow Crystal — Promethean Relic

In addition to boosting loot on adventure runs, Lucky Charms will have other key roles in the future CyberKongz development:

  • They increase the loot of Kongium and EXP in jungle adventures
  • They can trigger exclusive events during jungle adventures
  • They are transferable and can therefore be traded with other Kong friends
  • They give you the opportunity to get exclusive and limited NFTs

All logic details, contract infos and other aspects of the new Update are further described on

This update requires major changes and CyberKongz wouldn’t be a community-driven project if we simply implement them without the approval of the community. The update will be prefaced by a big vote. In order for the update to be deployed, the vote must be closed with an absolute majority and a quorum of at least 31%.

To be able to make a responsible vote we would like to give you the most important information about the backgrounds of our decisions during the development process.

Why Play & Kollect?

With Play & Kollect we wanted to create an exciting experience for you to collect new CyberKongz assets. The objective in development was a fully on-chain and transparent system that brings a fair distribution of assets to all active participants within the CyberKongz ecosystem while rewarding existing holders of all CyberKongz generations.

  • Play & Kollect is an eco and distribution system in which Genesis and Baby CyberKongz as well as CyberKongz VX each play a crucial role
  • P&K enables distribution of both ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens in a gamified approach by allowing Kongium to be redeemed for ERC-1155 tokens and the $BANANA prize pool as well as by being able to find ERC-20/ERC-1155 tokens with a little luck even during adventure runs
  • $BANANA gets a new and sustainable utility as it is needed for additional adventure runs and thus to have more chances to get rare loot
  • The $BANANA prize pool allows more active participants to play for a small amount of Banana tokens that can be used in the CyberKongz ecosystem

Why Polygon?

You have chosen to be a part of a blockchain project at the cutting edge of the latest technologies and deserve that no shortcuts are taken in its development.

For this reason, it was not an option for us to place parts of our system logic on off-chain servers, which would have led to an increase in centralization and a loss of security. Our goal was therefore to find new ways instead of taking the easy path.

This evolved into Play & Kollect as a system that is completely on-chain, with groundbreaking innovations like the Lock Registry , which we see as the new era of staking.

At the current stage of Ethereum, high transaction fees would take away the fun from playing the game with such high complexity. Additionally, the team of Sandbox, our partner and first metaverse for the integration of CyberKongz VX, decided some time ago to continue their work on the Polygon network. A Polygon bridge would therefore be inevitable for us in the long run.

In addition, the Polygon network impresses with nearly zero carbon dioxide emissions. We have always tried to make the world a better place by donating to non-profit organizations that protect our environment. By donating to COTAP for example, we have offset the CO2 emissions of our CyberKongz VX Minting process by a factor of 10.

We want to continue to follow this path.

Why Banana Change?

The seasonal $BANANA prize pool is distributed and reset every ten days (=one season) from day one of contract deployment and can be challenged with Kongium.

The prize pool starts each ten-day season randomly at one of four different pool sizes of 5k, 10k, 15k or 20k $BANANA and steadily grows with the $BANANA spent on adventure runs in the current season.

In order to create the seasonal $BANANA prize pools for the next several years, the pre-minting of 3,350,000 additional $BANANA will be part of the community vote.

These additonal Banana tokens will be locked in the vesting contract for 6 years with an unlocking schedule of 500,000 tokens per year and they will be gradually distributed to the community through the seasonal prize pool. Making Play to Kollect’s $BANANA-based system more accessible to a larger number of Kong holders.

We are convinced that in this case, the issuance of additional banana tokens is healthy for our ecosystem. With 3,350,000 additional tokens, we increase the maximum possible $BANANA supply (regardless of previously burned $BANANA for breeding etc.) to 40 million. The total supply will thus increase by 9.14%.

The Adventure Ahead…

With such a big change to the ecosystem the jungle is sure to be in shock for a bit! Like any good plan, we will have a roll out phase and instructions to get everything ready when its time!

Roll Out Plan:
1. Vote
2. Learn
3. Bridge
4. Launch
5. Play

In summary, we are beyond excited to bring you the latest development in the CyberKongz Universe and are stoked to see how the rest of our own adventure continues as we explore the Jungle!





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