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CyberKongz own a variety of assets from different metaverses in order to create unique and custom CyberKongz experiences and to reward holders by partly distributing any yield or airdrops via Play & Kollect.

CyberKong VX owners will be able to use their NFT as their avatar and equip wearables minted from Play & Kollect. Airdropped $SAND tokens are distributed to holders through P&K. Gems and Catalysts may also be added as loot in adventure runs.

In July, CK won the auction for The Shrine of Truth, a one if a kind landmark built by SandRush x Nabiya on a 3x3 estate, and renamed it to The Shrine of Kongz.

Neo Kongz City will be developed on a 12x12 estate.

The CryptoCities themed capitol serves as a concept and will eventually be built out as an 4x4 in the middle of the 576 plots of the 24x24 estate called Kongz Island. In total, CyberKongz owns a total of 800 LANDs in the SandBox.

More info on CyberKongz land in SandBox can be found here.

The Shrine of Kongz
Kongz Island 24x24
CryptoCities themed capitol for Kongz Island

CyberKongz owns 110 Forest plots. Though land gameplay is still being developed, Axie Land of ‘Lunacia’ will be the base of operation for Axies as resources spawn there and upgrades can be made from crafting/producing. Land holders get first rights to these generated resources which includes AXS tokens, wood, stone, and potentially other special items.

All 110 Forest plots are being staked and yield 28.6 AXS per day.

“Once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to rewards through active gameplay.”

Kongz hold 50 Adventurers Guild tokens and 2 Warrior Guild tokens.

“Guilds offer players access to Game Modes that are only accessible to members. These game modes will provide players with avenues to show off their best heroes, fight the strongest enemies in the game, and earn unique and rare rewards.”

The Kongz team also owns 1000+ rare heroes which kong holders can play as in different game modes such as guild raids, PvP, and other land gameplay.

CyberKongz owns 63 plots of Ember Sword land. 46 regular plots, 16 city plots, and 1 settlement plot.

Ember Sword is building a MMORPG experience with a full in-game economy. It is powered by the ‘premium currency’ that is generated by land. “We do this by distributing 50% of the revenues generated inside the Ember Sword world amongst the land owners in the form of ERC-20 tokens”. Kongz could form guilds through their city to bring activity and add value. Cities are hubs for games and trading. Tokens could be distributed to holders through Play and Kollect.

Kongz acquired a Penthouse in Worldwide Webb. Land should be able to host hundreds of people. Yield/airdrops can be rewarded to holders through P&K.

The penthouse will be build out in a typical and custom CyberKongz style to host events in the future.

We have acquired one of 32 mega-sized plots. Holders will be able to play as a Kongz character in their metaverse.

Mega sized forest plot

Gridcraft Network is a Minecraft compatible play & earn metaverse with NFTs and multiplayer gameplay and CyberKongz partnered with Gridcraft in June 2022.

CyberKongz will receive their own fleshed out realm on the network themed around the collection, and holders’ CyberKongz VX models will become playable avatars in the game”

Nemus Earth is an Amazon rainforest conservation effort through the sale of virtual land of different sizes to represent real areas of the forest owned by Nemus. CyberKongz are partners and own a XX-Large plot.

“The Genesis Drop includes a collection of 10,338 randomly generated NFTs, each one representing a unique parcel of land in the Seruini Region.”

“Nemus collectibles are designed with game mechanics that offer a series of quests to “explore” an NFT allowing you to mint new features, and DeFi mechanics that reward Guardians who choose to “conserve” their NFTs with our native token: NEA”.

The Purus Red Howler

CK team owns 52 Baby CyberKongz which yield 52 Charmz every season (10 days). All of these Charmz are sent to the Play & Kollect contract to be given as loot on adventure runs during the season. The CyberKongz vault also holds the legendary KongBot #101, 3 more Genesis Kongz, and 29 CyberKongz VX.

CyberKong #101 aka KongBot (KNG-B07)

KongBot keeps the CyberKongz discord server safe and strong.

This article will be updated periodically as new assets are being aquired.





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