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Show off your Kongz!

We have already seen a bunch of awesome CyberKongz VX artwork, created with the downloadable .gltf file of each Kong and guess what…


That’s why we are launching the first ever CyberKongz VX Art Contest!

We want to see the most creative and most impressive renders of your personal CyberKongz VX! Show us where your Kong lives, why it wears the hat it is wearing, is the Kong good or evil? Does the Kong have a job or is it a full time degen? …

Charity Donations

As one of the first projects in the NFT space to donate a big part of their funds, we again wanted to donate 10% of the funds collected through the CyberKongz VX mint to impactful charities!

We have donated to Orangutan Outreach ( in the past and a lot of other projects followed our example,

This time we chose two different charities!

We donated 20 ETH (64,564$) to

The mission of Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) is to empower individuals and organizations in developed countries to address both climate change and global poverty. …

Minting and Claiming Guide

With the upcoming launch of CyberKongz VX we thought we’d put some work in to ensure everyone is prepared for the launch date. We’ve put together a guide with some screenshots below to walk everyone through the site and how the mint will take place.

We’ve also included details on how to claim your free CyberKongz VX if you currently hold a Genesis CyberKong or Baby CyberKong.

Public Minting:

For the Public Mint of CyberKongz VX (No current CyberKongz NFT Required) you need to visit

Here you will be asked to connect your web3 wallet (Metamask etc). Next you’ll be asked…

We are incredibly proud to announce The Metakey as our partner for the upcoming era of CyberKongz VX. The Metakey is a utility-focused project granting holders unique benefits throughout the Metaverse, and ultimately driving interoperability with the idea that a single Metakey provides you with everything you need for a lifetime in the Metaverse.

Exactly like The Metakey, CyberKongz is on a mission to further the evolution of the metaverse and is extremely excited to join The Metakey in their goals of making the metaverse more accessible and fun to play for everyone. …

Level Two


In the second evolution level of CyberKongz VX we will launch the BANANA SHOP. Players will be able to buy custom CyberKongz VX equipment and wearables to give their avatar additional playability and style during adventures in community-built Metaverse games.

On top of that, the launch of the BANANA SHOP will bring added utility and perks for both the Banana Token as well as the 2D CyberKongz.

Even in Floor District, The BANANA SHOP is part of daily life.

Equippable items will range from weapons and shields to mobility items and everything The SandBox will implement in the future. …

Level One

On March 3rd 2021, 1000 unique and randomly generated CyberKongz emerged out of the turbulent NFT jungle. Since that day, CyberKongz have been continuously evolving and thus forming a strong core community. However, our biggest technological leap is still to come...

The most technologically advanced species will not stop any time soon…

While bananas are continuously being harvested and countless Baby Kongz bred, our mad evolutionary Kong-biologists successfully extrapolated a new formula to kickstart the next CyberKongz evolution!

We are thrilled to announce that Kongz will venture out of their natural 2D habitat to start roaming the 3D Metaverse!

2021 CyberKongz Roadmap

For both current CyberKongz holders and for those who are still not part of the jungle, there will soon be the possibility to get your own CyberKong VX as a custom playable Metaverse Avatar.

To achieve this goal, our mad cyberbrain scientists have teamed up with the technical experts from The Sandbox to…

CyberKongz Q2 2021 Roadmap

Get ready for the next leap in CyberKongz evolution!

Through countless experiments in the field of evolutionary science and the hard work of incredibly smart cyberbrains, Kongz are now able to yield $BANANA token, get their name and bio changed, aswell as breed! If you are a proud owner of one or more original CyberKongz, you can soon migrate to our new contract and enjoy all the benefits of evolved Genesis CyberKongz!

Why should you migrate your CyberKongz?

Migrated CyberKongz have the distinct ability to each yield 10 $BANANA per day! This token can be claimed and used to change…


Welcome to an alternate reality, where evolution took a different route and weird apes roam the earth!

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